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2016 Year of the Yang Fire Monkey

Forecasting for the year 2016 will show changes collectively as well as personally. The Heavenly Stems and Branches have shifted from the yin to yang polarity. This year symbolized by the Yang Fire Heavenly Stem and Branch of the Monkey. Generally Yang Fire represents the Sun the giver of life that governs the heart and the circulation of blood. Anatomical locations of the Yang Fire Stem represent the shoulder and the Small Intestine governed by Tai Yang. The planet Mars rules fire element and this planetary archetype is important to consider when contemplating the year ahead. The Mars energy is dynamic, forthright, confrontational, assertive, channeled in the right direction. When the energies are disowned we are more prone to boundary problems and can attract aggressive behavior to ourselves, or find we are constantly battling with colleagues, friends or families on some level. Hence a Yang Fire year can easily bring sickness to the heart, specifically the upper left atrium of the heart as this is governed by Tai Yang. Inflammation to the shoulder or shoulder pain are potential problems specifically for those with a Yang Water Stem in a luck pillar cycle or situated in charts in general. Since the Yang Fire Stem represents the Yang aspect of fire that is the Small Intestine, it would be wise to consider the virtue of this organ. The virtue of listening is the primary function of the Small Intestine, the ability to listen and get feedback from others. If we don’t like to receive constructive feedback from others then we usually have a Small Intestine problem. This in turn can create a Luo channel problem with this meridian in the long run. Being able to discriminate ones desires from the heart and mind is a cultivate art and patients that have trouble in these areas may generate internal heat patterns that can manifest as bitter attitudes towards life. It is a time to pay attention and listen to life with the heart rather than dissecting life with our minds. Client patient relationship is important here as patients with severe imbalance will project and in turn feel misunderstood and not heard by the practitioner. Another concept to consider is patients who generate heat symptoms empty or full patterns can arise from unfulfilled desires.

Further imbalance in this area is inflammation of the skin as the Fire element is directly attacking the Metal. The Metal is represented by the Monkey which rules the Large Intestine as primary organ. The planet Venus is the archetype for the Metal element. Venus represents our value system, particularly how we value ourselves. Skin problems can manifest from self-esteem problems at a core level. Metal element seeks refinement, perfection in details and extracts the essence out of the heavens. Moreover it eliminates what no longer serves us and absorbs what is useful for our bodies. Yang Fire attacking the Metal Monkey during this yearly cycle can give rise to inflammations such as acne, eczema, shingles, boils and psoriasis. Most importantly inflammatory conditions of the bowels such as Crohn’s disease and diverticulitis can be prominent and likely to see more cases this year. Wen Bing illness may be on the rise this year as the fire scorches the lungs.

The Monkey is considered a travel star. Travel stars stimulate movement and change. If born in the year of the Tiger it directly clashes with the Monkey. This will bring change and movement and it is important to exercise caution when traveling. If there is a Snake in your branch and Tiger the Monkey will bring fire element trouble that tends to be more hidden. This can affect one’s health as this combination can be more nebulous and can manifest psychologically rather than physically. This type of combination can be extremely challenging on one’s health and likely with all penalty combinations difficult to diagnose from a mainstream medical point of view. This is where Chinese Medicine is a powerful medical system as it enables us to read the intangibles and treat accordingly before diseases manifest into the body.

The divination arts are such as Chinese Astrology are practical arts that map out the terrain of our psyche. Furthermore they assist us in the deeper levels of diagnosis that accurately pin point where our patients are at in terms of life transitions and cycles. As part of the Chinese Medical paradigm this is one of the eight limbs of Chinese Medicine.

Happy New Year!

Samuel Dudgeon.

MA AppSc. (Chinese Herbal Medicine) B.Hlth.Sc (Acupuncture)

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