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Green Tea For Health Cultivation

If you have not experienced a good green tea, then you are really missing out. Over the years after traveling to Taiwan every year, I always make sure I get the best grade of green tea possible. Taiwan has the finest green tea in the world this due to high mountain regions and the cold damp foggy climates in the mountains.

Not only does the tea give you a good kick start in the morning, it is also a very basic way of looking after our own health. The benefits of green tea are immense and can really help the body function at optimum levels. Let’s take a look at some benefits and the best way to prepare the tea.

The first step before any green tea preparation is a good quality clay pot. These are expensive but worth it as the shape is critical for holding in all the wonderful constituents of the tea. Here is a picture of a good quality pot.


1. It has powerful antioxidants that lower risks for certain cancers. Particularly prostate cancer. (Essential for men's health)

2. Lowers risk of Alzheimer's disease and Parkinson's disease. (Protects the neurons in the brain)

3. Balances the blood sugar and lower the risk of Diabetes type 2.

4. Lowers cholesterol which benefits heart disease.

5. Can help lose weight as it is a diuretic.

6. Kills bacteria and lowers risk of dental infections and reduces bad breath.

Other general benefits include, improved digestion, brightens the eyes and clears the voice, removes flatulence, relieves thirst and illuminates the spirit. (That being great for depression)

Another great benefit is that it breaks down fats and oils particularly after a rich meal. One thing that is lacking in Australia is the lack of awareness about greens in terms of cleaning the liver. The Asian diet always consists of foods that clean the liver with their meals. Hence a huge variety of greens are always consumed.

However green tea is not for everyone and diagnosis of one’s health condition is important especially if there is internal cold in the body arising from Yang deficiency. Green tea from an energetic point of view is bitter and cold.

One good sized teaspoon left in the pot all day should be able to be used numerous times throughout the day.

For brands that are a little low in quality it is best to boil water pour into the pot and strain it off, this will eliminate the tannin's in the tea so they don't over power the infusion. This will keep the authentic taste of the tea.

If anyone wants to travel to Taiwan make sure you stop at a few of the tea houses, relax and sample some green tea.

Another key thing to remember particularly in Australia is not waste the tea on fluoridated water. A reverse osmosis water filter is absolutely critical in this country and makes the tea taste a million times better!!!

Samuel Dudgeon BA HlthSC (Acu), MA Applied Science (Chinese Herbal Medicine)

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