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2017 Year of the Rooster

Year of the Rooster 2017

The heavenly stems and branches for the year 2017 Yin fire and Yin metal Rooster present these elements as the dominant theme for the year. The combination of elements are the same as last year, however they have shifted from expansive to contractive energies. The birth and destructive cycle for the year that governs this inter-relationship between these elements exhibits a fighting relationship. Dependent upon how fire and metal are represented in your four pillars chart will relay the issues that can be affected. Children born in this year will naturally possess academic qualities as this combination of elements represents an academic star. The Rooster represents the academic star but also a nobleman which can indicate good luck through mentors and teachers.

The Yin fire stem resembles the Heart generally. The Heart is divided into four chambers stemming from Shao Yang, Tai Yang, Shao Yin and Tai Yin according to the famous doctor Wang Qing Ren. The right lower quadrant is directly related to Shao Yin, indicating Yin fire problems with the Heart originating from an imbalance of the Heart and Kidney relationship. Considering the Yin fire stem is unstable fire in comparison to yang fire, anxiety can be prominent in Yin fire-type constitutions. Yin fire symbolises a candle flame, flickering and unstable. Yin fire-types are emotionally sensitive but can also be nervous, not usually quick to anger, but once they are angry it can be explosive. This type of reaction can easily lead to hypertension in these constitutional types. Heat usually arises from unfulfilled desires of some kind. The tighter the control over issues of the Heart the more heat is generated which can lead to failure to express our purpose and the imperial self. To truly express the Heart may sound wonderful, however it demands deconstruction of self, becoming an authentic being and separating from the collective which can require periods of isolation and loneliness. It involves walking the Siddhartha road and immense inner work.

The Rooster is related to Yin metal and rules the Lung. For those born in the year of the Rooster, they will have a penalty combination which can potentially bring problems to Lungs and skin. Penalty combinations related to health can be hard to diagnose at times as they may be nebulous. Those born in the year of the Rabbit will have a direct clash with the Rooster. Clashes usually stimulate movement. That is physically moving location with work or changing a job. They can also bring issues to surface that need to be addressed in relationships as both the Rooster and Rabbit are romance flowers. Relationship issues will be stimulated if the Rabbit is situated in the house of the spouse in your four pillars chart. Like all aspects of astrological interpretations, they stimulate growth and change. Penalties and clashes trigger growth and expansion thus sometimes we must visit the underworld of the psyche to resolve these issues.

Those born in year of the Rabbit, health-wise can have potential problems with tendons and ligaments as metal attacks wood. The Rabbit represents the Liver, eyes and hands so potential harm to these areas of the body is possible, including accidents from sharp objects. A recurring theme from last year is that fire is attacking metal again. The fire scorches the Lung and may give rise to Wen Bing patterns and inflammatory skin conditions. Our values can be challenged this year as the Venus archetype rules metal. How we value ourselves on a psychological level may need to be reviewed. On a deeper level, the Yin metal Rooster can be reflective of the Po and the primal urges that facilitate the grasping of life experiences. The Po relates to the anima and it belongs to the Yin principle of nature. The seven emotions are deeply entrenched in it and are reflective of the metal element that is aligned with the emotion of grief. It is said that upon death the Po returns to the earth to become fertiliser for new growth. Grief is a death of some kind, psychological in nature and the metal principle is reflective of this. Unresolved issues around grief may be triggered in 2017, particularly if the element is in penalty with the year of Rooster or a Rooster in other parts of a four pillars chart. It is no wonder the that the acupoints known as the 'Four Gates'; Qi men and Zhong Fu, were originally indicated for easing a dying patient to the afterlife in order to release the celestial (Hun) and earthy souls (Po) to the other side.

Happy New Year!

Samuel Dudgeon

MAppSc. (Chinese Herbal Medicine), B.Hlth.Sc (Acupuncture)

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