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Cell salts the salvation for health

Cells salts commonly known as tissue salts are a fabulous tool for basic health cultivation. There has been much modern literature written about these twelve incredible salts. However it was not to long ago that all doctors used these cell salts in their daily clinic practice. The reason I chose to write a blog on these is because having a basic understanding of these salts, you can really cultivate your own health. The key is to find your key constitutional salt, which I will mention later.

The twelve are the twelve basic minerals that make up the bodies constitution. Any depletion in these minerals will cause a deficiency of some kind, that can potentially lead to disease.

We cannot deny the fact that our nutritional needs are severely inhibited due to chemicals, toxins, contaminated foods and water to name a few. Never forgetting to mention that an unsanitised psyche and unhygienic emotions and thoughts can further deplete the bodies reserves of these minerals as well.

The reason cell salts are important is that they work on cellular level. The cells are considered the deeper reservoirs of the body. Hence as the ancient biochemists stated; "cell starvation is the main cause of death."

Cell salts can be taken from anyone under any condition as they are non toxic. The most common way to administer is to take 2-4 pellets 3-4 times a day and let them dissolve under the tongue. The salts are based in a lactose base so for those who are intolerant there is also an lactose free solution.

Chronic patients will need to take higher amounts due to how severe the deficiency is. 15-30 tablets can be dissolved into pure water and drank throughout the day, diagnosis is important for determining the appropriate amount of salts ingested.

Cell salts can also be used on a metaphysical level. George W. Carey's brilliant book the zodiac and the salts of salvation relates the twelve salts to the twelve signs in the zodiac.

This is one of the best ways to administer the salts from a constitutional level. The basic way of interpreting this is by the Sun sign everyone is familiar with in astrology. For example the Sun sign of Gemini needs to take Kali Mur (potassium chloride) as their constitutional remedy. Every Sun sign has a specific salt equivalent that we are most likely depleted in. However full astrological chart still needs to be considered when prescribing salts from astrological data, as it is wise to determine other planetary configurations that can also contribute to mineral depletion within the body.

On a more day to day level in clinic the salts are mainly prescribed through facial diagnosis. As most practitioners know the body never lies and generally give signs on the face when in states of deficiency. For example dark rings under the eyes can indicate Ferrum Phos (Iron) deficiency and a red hue over the cheeks and nose can indicate Mag Phos (Magnesium) deficiency. Freckles and aged spots can indicate Kali Sulph (potassium sulphate) deficiency to name a few. Deficiencies in diet, metabolism and chronic health conditions are easily observed in the face.

In a nutshell cell salts are found in all our foods and thus carried in our blood, where they carry on the process of life and feed our bodies the appropriate nutritional requirements to keep us in balance. They are a great way to keep us fit and healthy on all levels.

It is important to have common sense and consult with our health care professionals when dealing with chronic diseases and health care maintenance.

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