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Lung cleanse with basic herb tea blend

Certain times of the year are important to cleanse the body. We are about to enter the season of autumn. Autumn relates to the element of Metal in Chinese medical philosophy.

Elemental phases occur each season affecting different organs. The lungs and large intestine relate to the metal element and the season of autumn.

The autumn climate is dry, this dryness can affect these organs when the element in itself is out of balance within us.

Most people always think of doing a liver cleanse to help detox the body. However all organs are important particularly the lung.

One of the best ways to take care of the Lungs is from exercise such as Tai Chi, Yoga, Qi Gong or other forms of breath work can really help open the lungs.

Breath work can really help remove excess water in the body therefore helping weight loss as the lungs in Chinese medicine regulate water metabolism.

Cleansing the lungs will therefore affect the skin as they are related to the lungs. As most asthmatics notice they also can have skin conditions as well, particularly eczema.

For bronchial conditions, pneumonia, colds and flu's or generally chronic excess phlegm build up in the Lungs, this basic herb tea is fantastic and will clear the lungs effectively.

These 3 key herbs are :

Fennel: Will clear the Lungs of phlegm it is known as an expectorant so it will help cough it out.

Fenugreek: Will clear the Lungs of Phlegm and also eliminate fever.

Skullcap: Will help calm the nervous system and ease the spasmodic cough.

Use a teaspoon of each herb in a coffee plunger or tea infuser. It is important to keep the tea covered so the constituents of the herbs don't evaporate into the atmosphere. You want to drink a 1-1.5 litres a day until the tea runs out.

For quitting smoking this is a fantastic and will help immensely for the detox of the lung.

This herb blend will definitely make you cough more to clear the lungs if there is a cough with phlegm present.

The best brand to use for the herbs is a brand called Southern Light Herbs. You can get these from any leading health food store.

Try it and see for yourself this is a great tip especially for cold and flu's with excessive phlegm.

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