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Ancient diet therapy recipe for recovery after illness and surgery.

Dietary therapy Chinese Medicine is primarily focused on increasing appetite and encouraging more nutritious food to supplement the blood and strengthen the stomach and spleen. The stronger are digestive system is the greater chance we have for a healthy immune system. Congee has been used as an ancient Chinese medicinal rice soup to help restore the strength of the immune system.

What is Congee?

Congee is a type of rice gruel usually served as a side dish in many Asian countries, however it is one of the main sources for food therapy as is does not put any stress on the digestive systems and increases maximum absorption from food. Recipes involve boiling rice as a base blended with herbal medicine.

The base ingredients is rice, this can grain based or glutinous simmered in slowly for 30-50min in large quantity of water until it is soft and liquid thick. Congee recipes are highly nutritious and easy to digest.

There are many recipes that are used medicinally these two are the most basic and commonly used.

Ganoderma (mushroom) and Chinese Red Date Congee Recipe


Ganoderma and Chinese Red Date Congee supplement the vital force and blood.

Ganoderma (mushroom)15-20g

Chinese Red Dates (Da Zao, 15-30g)

Preparation: Put mushroom, dates and rice in 1500ml of water, bring to boil simmer for 40 minutes until soup is thick then serve.

This soup can used during the late and early stages of chemotherapy and radiotherapy particularly when the red and white blood cell counts start to decline. This soup can help strengthen the immune system and nourish the blood.


Chinese Red Date and Long yan Congee.

Chinese Dates 10-20g

Long yan fruit30g

Glutinous rice 50g

Purple rice 20g

Millet 30g

Preparation: Put all ingredients in a pot and add 1500ml of water, bring to the boil and simmer for 40-50 minutes until congee is thick.

This recipe is designed for insomnia and poor memory. It nourishes the heart and spleen therefore nourishes the blood and the mind.

These recipes are basic and highly effective and can also be used for general health cultivation.

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