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Health maintenance through diet and exercise

A colleague of mine and myself have been discussing over the last year the necessity of exercise and diet therapy. The challenge in clinical practice is that we can never really find the time to give to our patients the attention these exercises deserve to do them justice. Not to mention the importance of diet therapy which can be a specialty in its own right. In the near future we will have a program that is second to none based on clinical experience of qualified practitioners who have lived exercise therapy and Chinese dietetics.

I have always found it important that if you are going to give a patient exercise for their own homework it is important to do it right and not just show them some measly stretch after the treatment for a minute or or so.

Taking time out to do these exercises, to do a class, a workshop or to learn a martial form and exercise therapies shows commitment. It is also essential to know that you are doing these exercises correctly. When healing is needed it is important and absolutely critical to meet your practitioner 50/50. This shows not only commitment to your self, but most importantly it will speed up the healing for your disease or presenting condition.

Stay tuned as there will be updates on my website and facebook pages for further information on our Daoist boot camp health maintenance programs.

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