Ageing Habits

People's lifestyle in general affects their ageing habits. There are cycles of time we move through in life which affect our bodies. Generally the kidneys are controlled by an 7-8 year cycle. The kidneys govern our life essence known as Jing which is store in the bones and brain from Chinese medical philosophy. Jing is a substance that gets depleted through our lives through work , sex, drugs, alcohol, environment toxins and poor eating habits. There are ways to cultivate Jing our life essence to sustain ourselves and maintain health. Jing is cultivated from Yang Sheng a term which means nourish life.

There is an interesting passage in an ancient Chinese book called the Ling-shu (The Spiritual Pivot) that has a chapter called the forbidden years. It refers to times or ages in life when we need to be particularly careful around certain ages. It suggests we need to take good care of ourselves even when at a young age. The age starts at the age of seven. The number seven is applied to the direction of the west in Chinese culture, which is considered death. As the the sun descends into the west it begins its journey into the underworld, this is an age old motif symbolising death. This is why you will see Chinese people wear white to a funeral not black. As the direction of the west is considered the metal element which pertains to the colour white.

The Vulnerable ages are during the times of our 7th year then every 9 years after that. The 16th, 25th, 34th, 43rd, 52nd, 61st and 70th years. As you can see the combinations of every number adds up to 7.1

Clinically I have noticed in clinic the age of 52 to be a very vulnerable age. Particularly in regards to cancer and cardiovascular problems from observation as I have had many patients presenting in clinic with these problems at this age.

I personally think if illness does arise during these times it is lifestyle choices that have affected the patient at these times, either way it is important to be cautious around these ages and cultivating health at these times should be a priority.

1.Wu Jing-Huan 1993. Ling Shu The spiritual pivot. Asian Spirituality, Taoist studies series. Taoist Centre, Washington .DC

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