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The Art of Longevity Part 1

Cultivating ones health is one of the arts of longevity in Taoism. Without a healthy body we live an unfulfilled life that leads to an unfulfilled destiny. One could say we just wonder through life aimlessly. The Taoists would call these types of people ghosts. Neither living nor dead. One could say they are caught in the collective and not a self, or as some psychologists would say the person has not individuated. The story of these themes will continue through other blogs, but first I wanted to put up for everyone to contemplate what is known as the, "Eighteen injuries to be avoided." These are just basic keys that will help you become aware of your bodies.

1.Watch too long and the generative energy will be damaged.

2.Listen too long and the spirit will be damaged.

3.Lie down to long and the vital energy (Qi) will be damaged.

4.Sit too long and the meridians will be harmed.

5.Stand too long and the Bones will be damaged.

6.Walk too much and the tendons will be damaged

7.Anger harms the Liver.

8.Scheming harms the Spleen.

9.Worrying harms the heart.

10.Excessive sadness harms the lungs.

11.Overeating harms the Stomach.

12.Excessive fear harms the Kidneys.

13.Too much laughter harms the abdomen.

14.Too much talking harms the spinal fluid.

15.Sleep to much and the saliva will be damaged.

16.Perspire too much and the yang energy will be harmed.

17.Cry too much and the blood will be harmed.

18.Too much sex will harm the marrow.1


1.Wong E. 1997 Teachings of the Tao. Shamballa Publications Inc.

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