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Year of the Pig

In the year of the Pig 2019 we have a shift in elements from the year of the Dog 2018 which was dominated by strong Earth pillars, those being the Yang Earth Dog. This year the subtle vibration of the Yin elements come into play. For year of the Pig 2019 elements are the Yin earth heavenly stem sitting on top of the earthly branch the Pig which is ruled by the Water element. As Earth attacks Water the elements are conflicting and therefore have an unharmonious relationship. On a mundane level the Earth is unstable sitting on Water. When Earth is not supported by Fire there may be flooding, landslides, earth quakes, buildings sinking underground as the Earth is unstable.

The Pig is Yin Water in nature and follows the Dog in the passage to the underworld. Having a Pig in a four pillars chart can indicate psychic sensitivity particularly if it is next to a Dog in a four pillars chart. The general personality of people born in the year of the Pig are content, home and family loving, practical, acquisitive and industrious. The Pig likes to travel as it is considered a travel star in four pillars astrology. This will coincide with its planetary ruler Mercury the messenger who likes to be on the move. If clashes occur particularly in the month and day pillars of your chart there is a high chance of change, such as relationship, job or residence. In some schools of Chinese astrology, they say if you are born in the year of the Pig then you are offending the year. If this is the case, you can wear a pendant of the Tiger as it will ward off the effect of the Pig.

The Yin Earth heavenly stem is softer and more refined than Yang Earth. The Yin Earth personality is more sedentary, graceful, moderate and intellectual. Yin Earth is unstable this year as it is not supported by the Fire element. From a health perspective this can make the spleen unstable as it not supported by fire giving rise to blood sugar problems and diabetes generally.

The Pig is in clash element with the Snake this is a clash of the elements Fire and Water. If there is a Snake anywhere in your four pillars chart, wherever it sits it will disrupt the flow of the chart this year. Clash elements are neither good or bad they just stimulate growth. Growth and change can come from movement, these two elements are travel stars so clashes in these elements can indicate motion. From a health perspective the Snake rules the heart, face and teeth and the Pig represents the Head, Brain, Liver and Kidney. When these elements are in fighting relationship there can be problems due to these areas of the body. These two elements in clash can disturb the Shen (spirit) and generate anxiety as the Fire and Water elements flow is disrupted due to the kidney and heart relationship. The Fire element terminates in the Pig cycle. The Pig can be unfavourable this year for those who need Fire, so the heart and blood need to be cultivated. When the Fire element terminates, the following year it seeds, the one after germinates and in 2022 it is born again in the year of the Tiger. In the next few years up until the Tiger the Fire element will be deficient.

The Pig is also part of the Wood combination so if you are born in the year of the Rabbit or Sheep it will form a partial Wood combination or if both animals are present in your chart it will form a full Wood combination. This can be a highly auspicious year if the element is favourable with this combination.

The year of the Pig’s significance is determined by the understanding of one’s four pillars astrological chart. For those who would like more information on such topics you are welcome to join Astropillars Astrology closed facebook page for updates on astrological topics such as four pillars astrology and chart consultations.

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