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Year of the Rat 2020

The Yang Metal Stem (庚) supports the Water Rat (子) which lies below it, according to the Five Element cycle. The Rat is a Water Element. Hence in the Five Element cycle; Metal births Water.

The Heavenly Stem of Yang Metal symbolically represents the axe or knife. The blades on these tools represents the sharpness of mind which is reflective in the Metal types who are generally have a meticulous nature. Metal types tend to be virtuous, loyal, demand respect, well groomed, organised and have a good sense of justice. Yang Metal can be commanding given some commanding pillars (Leadership Pillars) in Chinese Astrology have the Yang Metal as their Heavenly Stems.

For those of you seeking a more advanced understanding of the elemental configuration for 2020 note the following. If you have Yin Wood as your Day Master in your Four Pillars Chinese Astrology it will combine to the Yang Metal Heavenly Stem for this year. This can indicate two things;

1. If your female with a Yin Wood Day master and single; the Yang Metal can attract a potential partner in your life.

2. For both males and females with a Yin Wood day master; it combines with Yang Metal forming a power element combination which will indicate professional recognition, status and success in what ever your career path is.

The Water Rat is part of the seasonal and directional water combination. Animal totems that resonate with the Rat are the Ox, Dragon and Monkey. Understanding how the Rat will be significant in your chart depends on where the Rat is placed within your Four Pillars Astrological chart.

The Rat is considered one of the four Peaks from the Zodiac cycle and its direction is North. Considering it is one of the Four Peak Branches it contains a Yin Water stem within its own element; that is water hidden within water.

The Rat is considered cold water as it represents the peak of the winter months its solar marker is heavy snow. Is the Rat favourable for you in 2020? This can only be determined by full analysis of your Four Pillars Chinese Astrological chart.

Generally, for those who know your Four Pillars Chinese Astrology chart, if you have a Horse in any of your branches, it will generate a clash with the Rat. If your chart happens to use Water as a favourable element and you have a full or partial Water combination within your chart; then this year a Horse in your chart will cause disruption for you. The Horse will break the flow of Water. Favourable elements are like medicine and they create harmony. When breaks in the flow occur; life becomes more challenging.

The Horse is in opposition to the Rat in the Chinese zodiac and its direction is south. The Horse Represents Fire element, therefore the Fire and Water clash between the two branches.

From a Health perspective, the Rat governs the back and the bladder. The Horse governs the Small intestine and Abdomen. There can be potential problems in these areas if a Horse is present in your chart. Inflammation of the Bladder, UTI, Cystitis, Damp-Heat accumulation, circulation problems and Disc Herniation to name a few. Understanding your chart supports you to nourish health to prevent these issues.

The Rat in Chinese Astrology represents a peach blossom star or a Romance Flower. If you are already in a relationship and the Rat is your romance flower it will stimulate a deeper connection with your partner. If not in a relationship and the Rat is your flower of romance; then there is good potential to meet someone for a relationship this year.

As all years change into different cycles of Heavenly Stems and Branches the best way to have a personal understanding of how the year plays is by having your Astrology Chart read.

May you have a Happy New Year!

Samuel Dudgeon

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