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Year of the Yin Metal Ox 2021

The Lunar new year begins on the 12.2.21 and will transition from Yang to Yin energies for the year. The heavenly stem for the year is Yin Metal 辛 and the earth branch is the Ox 丑. The Metal element will dominate the theme for the year as the Ox is part of the Metal element combination. The Ox by nature is considered cold as an earth element. It is also part of the seasonal combination in the direction of the north, which is winter.

Metal personalities are very meticulous. With a fine eye for detail.They are self-absorbed because of their yin nature. Anything they do has to be done in a particular way.

They are usually very confident. Status and position is very important to the Metal personality. They will carry their own behavior as if they have high status even if the don’t.

Metal people have an oblong or rectangular face. Their bodies are finely shaped and balanced. Nothing stands out as flaw. Their skin is firm and smooth, and soft. Their bones are visible but not prominent. Their entire appearance conveys a sense of high status.

Yin Metal as a personality love solitude and tranquility and are vulnerable to external influences. They are generally introverted. They are easily fatigued; spending time with too many people tires them. They have a more interest in nature than socializing. They can be mistrusting if someone lets them down once, it will be hard for Yin Metal types to trust again.

Yin Metal types spend much time deep in thought. They can control their emotions to the point of becoming melancholic. Yin Metal types anticipate and plan. They don’t like to improvise. They are more prone to psychological armouring as they don’t like revealing vulnerability.

Since the Metal element is ruled by Venus. They can have a refined and artistic quality about them. Making them talented with fine arts and ascetics. People who have prominent Metal within their chart in the position of the day master. Or have a partial or full Metal element combination in other places within their, can work physically with the metal element.

Acupuncture is a great example of this as most acupuncturists have prominant Metal within their charts. Another example is the psychologist/scientist Wilhelm Reich who used Metal to conduct orgone energy, which was one of his major discoveries. Wilhelm Reich had a Yin Metal day master, with a partial Metal element Combination which made his astrology chart dominant metal. It is interesting to note the term psychological armouring was coined by Wilhelm Reich a dominant Metal type within his Chinese astrology chart.

We can also link Wilhelm Reich’s work in close association with acupuncture. In fact Reich’s scientific break down of orgone energy is very similar to Daoist cosmology. Orgone energy moves in a spiral motion the same as Wei Qi. (defensive Qi which relates to the immune system from a Chinese medical point of view) This is why acupuncture needles have the spiral copper handle on top of the needle, to pull in Wei qi from the atmosphere. Space in its essence is considered nutrition and deeply healing. Metal connects to the ether.

The year pillar in Chinese astrology was always significant but as it has evolved through time it is the day pillar that is more significant in terms understanding the self. As all charts revolve around the day master which is known as the heavenly stem in the day pillar column.

Like all the years with the changes in the stems and branches we need to take to whole chart into consideration. I have completed an introduction course into Chinese astrology for those interested.

Those who will benefit from the year of the Ox will depend on the your personal favourable and unfavourable elements within your chart, not to mention how the Ox interacts and combines with the other animal totems within your chart. Happy New Year.

Samuel Dudgeon

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