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Individualised Treatments


The principles of Chinese medicine advocate that prevention is key. Your treatment will include diet and lifestyle advice along with Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs for your optimum recovery. 


Here at Acupuncture Warrandyte, Samuel focuses on treating you as a person on an individual basis that is authentic and holistic. 

Gentle, Safe & Traditional


Chinese Medicine can successfully support a range of conditions with little side effects, and is now becoming a popular and recommended choice of treatment for many Australians. Traditional Chinese Medicine has been extensively researched globally with solid evidence-based results. 


Chinese Medicine is suitable for babies, adolescents, men and women for any condition.

For Various Conditions

You may think acupuncture is best indicated for musculoskeletal problems or pain. However, Chinese medicine's sophisticated understanding and history of treating internal conditions means it can be successfully used as treatment for a range of conditions including digestive, emotional, reproductive, respiratory, immune and other health imbalances. If you are unsure; contact Samuel to see if Chinese medicine can help you.




Alleviate pain and inflammation 


Move blocked energy (qi)


Initiate neurological, immunological, and endocrine responses


Improve circulation to the tissues and extremities


Increase endorphin levels


Relax the mind and reduce stress


Relax muscles and ligaments

Holistic Chinese Medicine


A combination of techniques may be used to address your specific needs including acupuncture (needles are disposable, sterile, single-use only are used), herbal medicine, moxibustion, gua sha and cupping. 

Fees & Services

Initial Consultation & Acupuncture Treatment: $140

Return Consultation: $90

Herbal Medicine $50 per week.

Patent Herbal Medicine $25

Astrology Consultations: $225

Payment Cash or Direct Deposit No Health Rebates are Available

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